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A website for Edições CN, a private press curated by Lieven Martens;
and for Lieven Martens (aka Dolphins Into The Future), composer and observer

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Edições CN

A website for Edições CN, a private press curated by Lieven Martens;
and for Lieven Martens (aka Dolphins Into The Future), a composer and observer

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Lieven Martens / Dolphins into the Future (°1981, Turnhout) lives and works in Antwerp. He creates conceptual music that floats between field recordings, ambient, musique concrète, and modern composition. He recently collaborated with Christina Vantzou, Sugai Ken and M. Sage.

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Selected Albums

> 2023: Katharina AW w/ Miaux
> 2022: Riding Fences w/ M. Sage
> 2021: Kagiroi w/ Sugai Ken
> 2021: The Habu
> 2019: Songs of Gold, Incandescent
> 2010, 2011, 2020: Insular Monographs


> 2021: Live @ Combo, Milano, Italy
> 2019: Trailer for the documentary Kev, with music by Hiele Martens
> 2017: Live @ Schiev Festival, Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium
> 2016: Live @ Macao, Milano, Italy
> 2014: A song, Ilha da Culatra

Press Quotes

Lieven Martens is well known for his work as Dolphins into the Future in which he was a leading figure in the noise boom of the early 2000s and was associated with Exotica using early synth and electronic music and new age influences. I hope we will hear a lot more of his music on UK Radio in the ensuing years. He really is a major talent.
 BBC Radio 3

Field recordings are often more about listening than recording, and nobody listens like Lieven Martens. As Dolphins Into The Future, he blended new age, early synthesizer music and tropical field recordings making one-of-a-kind soundscapes during the noise boom of the mid-2000s. Now, under his own name, his music is even more poetic. FACT

And that’s part of the allure and brilliance of his work here. “The Habu” could be a soundtrack to any number of genres and fit in just fine. Lieven Martens work continues to be an important touchstone and with “The Habu”, he shows there’s so much more to come. Foxy Digitalis

'Idylls' is a stunning work of art, and one that solidifies Lieven Martens Moana's place as one of the most important and innovative musicians working today. Highly recommended for anyone who loves adventurous music that challenges expectations and expands the boundaries of what's possible.
 The Quietus

Martens’ (...) cast a blissful spell over a late afternoon crowd in the chandelier-encrusted environs of the Teatro Micaelense. Cushions were scattered across the floor and many attendees kept their eyes shut throughout Martens’ bizarro set of sonic curios. Weaving found sounds and field recordings – from birdsong to crashing waves – into his synthscapes, Martens tuned into the island’s wild natural frequencies, in spite of his performing inside a formal theater. FACT

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